Great Lakes Coffee

One of my favorite places to go when I’m craving coffee is Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company. What I like about them is that their beans are ethically sourced and are roasted to perfection. In short, they have great coffee! The ambiance of the coffee shop was modern and relaxed, perfect for a college student like me. Of course, Great Lakes Coffee also has exceptional baristas—a coffee is only as good as the person making it! I went with a friend and we sat down at the espresso bar after ordering our drinks. The barista joked around as I took pictures of the shop and enthusiastically explained items from the menu to us. 

In addition to their coffee menu, there’s a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, including vegan options.  I ordered a classic ‘Chai Tea’ and a chocolate croissant; the latte art was some of the best I’ve seen and both were delicious. My favorite drink so far is the ‘Sexy Mexican’—made up of espresso, chocolate, and cayenne.

The coffee shop was reconstructed from an old house, so it’s full of reclaimed wood and huge windows that let in natural light. Hardwood floors and  tables as well as leather furniture give it a library like atmosphere and the outdoor seating is perfect for a drink with friends. This is the sort of place you could easily visit every day.

As we were leaving, I spotted a florist shop right across the street and decided to check it out. They had a gorgeous hand painted mural with the name ‘Grace Harper Florist’ along the side of the building. We walked in and I couldn't resist buying some pink and white carnations. 

Make sure to stop by Great Lakes sometime for a cup of coffee and check out the florist next door. They're both located on Woodward and Alexandrine. Look out for my first DIY blog post on Thursday!

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