DIY: Midi Rings

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have a cold, so I haven't been feeling too well, but wearing these rings made my Monday a lot more bearable.

Midi rings, also known as knuckle rings, are rings that sit right in the middle of the finger. I love stacking them and wearing them with normal rings. Lately, I've been seeing them everywhere, but whenever I go out to buy some, they always appear to be sold out. So I decided to make some myself! These were super easy and didn't take very long to make at all.

  • 20 gauge wire (gold, silver, bronze, etc)
  • Beads (Optional)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Sharpie/Marker


Step 1: Cut five inches of wire and fold in half. Use the round nose pliers to create a point at one end.
Step 2: Fold up both the ends to create a triangle shape.
Step 3: Place the ring against your finger  and twist the wire ends together at the back, one over the other. Cut off any hanging wire.
Step 4: Use a nail file to file down any sharp edges and you're done!


Step 1: Cut six to seven inches of wire. We're going to use a sharpie (or a marker) to mimic finger width. Fold the wire so that the left is over the rightthe left end of the wire should be a bit longer because we'll be folding that twice.
Step 2: Using the round nose pliers, grab the bottom wire and fold it over to create the right loop.
Step 3: Then grab the bottom top and fold it over to create the left loop.
Step 4: Next, grab the bottom wire and fold it through the middle of the ring and over the top, recreating the end of the left loop.
Step 5: Cut the ends to size and file the ends if needed. And that's it!


Step 1: Cut about eight inches of wire. Using the sharpie, wrap the left end over the sharpie twice, creating three loops.
Step 2: Trim the bottom end of the wire down to size and use the round nose pliers to create a mini loop.
Step 3: Do the same for the top, but to create bigger loops, start folding the wire from farther away and slowly work your way towards the end.
Step 4: I wanted to recreate the Hakuna Matata symbol, however, you can put in as many or as few swirls as you want.


Step 1: Cut about eight inches of wire and fold in half.
Step 2: Using the round nose pliers, flatten the two ends as close together as you can.
Step 3: Then, using the sharpie as a guide, fold the wire around the base and add three beads to the bottom wire. You can use a smidge of glue to help them stay in place.
Step 4: Trim any wires that are too long and recreate the swirl pattern. You can definitely go crazy with the beads and experiment with the amount, color, or shape!

Remember, these are just guidelines on how to make wire rings. You can always adjust the wire to create normal sized rings or even toe rings—they don't have to be midi rings.

*I ended up making a ton extra in the process (especially bow rings), so if you want one, shoot me a comment or ask me in person! J


  1. YOU ARE SO TALENTED! mA! I would like one please :D

    1. Ahh thank you! :D Of course, I'll bring a ton on Monday!

  2. Wonderful tutorial! I really like the whole idea and concept of making midi rings. How beautiful they all are looking on your fingers. I also love to do experiments with golden wires and beads, but I have never tried such creative thing before. I have never imagined that these golden wires can be used in such an artistic way. I will definitely implement the concept of making midi rings at my home.